Wastewater recovery

Combined System For Wastewater Recovery

Water consumption in industry is an important economic parameter that determines the performance of production processes.

Hidrotay offers solutions based on membrane technologies (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, etc.) designed to reuse wastewater and optimize the industrial process in a sustainable way.

By combining treatment systems with different filtration levels, Hidrotay kits are capable of achieving a recovery of up to 70% of residual water. This recovery percentage depends on several factors, the most decisive being the quality of the water entering the system (from the WWTP).

Once the inlet water into the system has been analyzed and the required water quality requirements are known, the system is designed and dimensioned at the customer’s convenience.

Hidrotay’s wastewater treatment facilities apply two main technologies:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultrafiltration

Hidrotay Combined Systems Features

  • Hidrotay maximizes the useful life of both the membranes and the other components, although this entails a greater initial investment in high-efficiency and quality equipment.
  • Modular kit assembly which allows the possibility of producing water with different properties for which applications.
  • Equipment operation simplified to minimum guidelines set out in the technical documentation.
  • The equipment has pretreatment systems that improve the performance of the RO process. , thus reducing the customer’s water consumption.
  • This savings obtained added to the low maintenance of the installation, low electrical consumption and the benefits obtained from reuse, make the amortization of the plant cost very short.
  • Hidrotay integrates the Industry 4.0 concept into its systems, which consists of the digitization of production processes and the Internet connection of the equipment. With this it is possible to monitor and control the process parameters from a distance, so there can always be a qualified technician available to the customer without the need for travel.

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