Clean water efficiently and cost-effectively

The process of removing suspended solids in water is the oldest and most widely used treatment method today. The different filtration techniques have evolved to become highly technologically advanced and highly efficient systems.


The most advanced systems on the market (flint / glass filter batteries, rings, cartridges of all kinds, loads of resins, activated carbon, poly-phosphates, simple filters, duplex, automatic, manual, washable, etc.) are used for manufacturing a wide range of industrial filtration systems such as softeners, dechlorinators, denitifiers and deionizers.

Hidrotay designs and manufactures automatic ultrafiltration systems for those applications that require a degree of filtration up to 0.01µ without altering the water physical-chemical parameters. Thus, we have a system that provides excellent quality water, with a very low energy expenditure and with hardly any waste of water.

Hidrotay UF kits incorporate the CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning systems. It is a fully automatic washing system that cleans the membranes against the current when necessary. Thus, the optimal conditions for the system operation are maintained and its useful life is extended.



  • Drinking water treatment
  • Water purification
  • Dialysis
  • Medical processes such as protein concentration or laboratory water purification
  • Juice clarification
  • Milk concentration before making cheese
  • Antibiotics recovery in pharmaceutical industry

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