Disinfection with ozone

Disinfection with O3

Eliminate bacteria and viruses in a sustainable way

Ozone is an unstable molecule that reacts to any pollutant by oxidizing it. It has exceptional capabilities as a disinfectant, deodorizer, oxygenator and clarifier, as well as being environmentally sustainable.


Ozone is found naturally in the environment but can also be generated artificially by ozone generators. An ozone generator kit is capable of transforming the oxygen in the air into ozone. Its operation is based on capturing oxygen from the air and producing electrical discharges that energetically activate the atoms of the oxygen molecule, joining them three by three.

The most relevant chemical characteristic of ozone is its instability; it is because of it the very fast performance and its ability to become normal oxygen again.
Its highly oxidizing properties and its ability to break double bond molecules and aromatic rings, making ozone have endless applications.
Ozone is recognized as a powerful bactericide, germicide, fungicide, and deodorant. It is used in many and different sectors such as medicine, water treatments, agriculture, food preservation, air treatments, aging of alcoholic beverages, wax bleaching, aquaculture, shellfish purification, etc.

Hidrotay’s ozone kits have a more reliable, intuitive design and is easier to maintain than its competitors.

They are also completely automatic; They come into operation only when needed in the case of water and only when programmed in case of atmospheric treatment.

It is as simple as pressing a button. The system takes care of everything without us having to worry about anything else.


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